Looking for Account Managers (all levels)

After launching the first job matching site for strategists & planners exclusively, we expanded into Account Management / Client Service last month. After 400 job searches in strategy, we 're now matching Account Managers.
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Here are our active job searches. We're adding more job opportunities daily:

Senior Director, Client Engagement at Wunderman in Seattle: https://siftly.com/jobs/783

Account Supervisor at Geometry Global in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/781

Account Executive at Slingshot in Dallas: https://siftly.com/jobs/779

Sr. Account Executive at Edelman in San Francisco: https://siftly.com/jobs/767

Sr. Account Executive at INNOCEAN in Huntington Beach, CA: https://siftly.com/jobs/771

Account Supervisor at RAPP in San Francisco: https://siftly.com/jobs/768

Account Executive Figliulo & Partners in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/764

Sr. Marketing Associate (via Headhunter) in Los Angeles: https://siftly.com/jobs/761

Account Supervisor (via Headhunter) in Orange County, CA: https://siftly.com/jobs/755

Assistant Account Management (via Headhunter) in Tampa, FL: https://siftly.com/jobs/753

Digital Account Supervisor at David & Goliath in LA: https://siftly.com/jobs/750

Account Executive (confidential search) in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/749

Sr. Account Manager at T3 (The Think Tank) in Austin: https://siftly.com/jobs/748

Sr. Account Manager at Archival in Portland: https://siftly.com/jobs/747

Account Supervisor at J. Walter Thompson in Atlanta: https://siftly.com/jobs/746

Account Manager at OutCold in Chicago: https://siftly.com/jobs/740

Group Account Director at Digital Kitchen in Chicago:https://siftly.com/jobs/739

Account Supervisor (via Headhunter) in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/738

Account Manager at T3 (The Think Tank) in Atlanta: https://siftly.com/jobs/737

SVP Digital Client Lead at Edelman in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/733

Sr. Account / Project Manager (via Headhunter) in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/732

Sr. Account Director at POP in Seattle: https://siftly.com/jobs/730

Senior Account Executive at TPN in Chicago: https://siftly.com/jobs/727

Account Supervisor at gyro in Chicago: https://siftly.com/jobs/726

Account Director (Healthcare) at J. Walter Thompson in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/725

Account Director at Sandbox in LA: https://siftly.com/jobs/722

Account Director at Olson 1to1 in Minneapolis: https://siftly.com/jobs/721

Account Director at ViTRO in San Diego: https://siftly.com/jobs/720

Management Supervisor at Hill Holliday in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/718

Account Manager at Laird+Partners in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/716

Senior Account Manager (confidential) in Miami: https://siftly.com/jobs/715

Account Manager at Codeword in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/714

Group Account Director at The Pub in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/710

Account Director (confidential search) in LA: https://siftly.com/jobs/709

Account Supervisor at Bailey Lauerman in Omaha: https://siftly.com/jobs/705

Account Manager at Zeta Global in Kansas City: https://siftly.com/jobs/701

Senior Account Manager at Madwell in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/698

Account Manager at Zeta Global in Kansas City: https://siftly.com/jobs/692

Account Executive at PR Hacker in San Francisco: https://siftly.com/jobs/690

Account Director at POSSIBLE in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/686

Account Executive (via Headhunter) in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/680

Sr. Account Executive (via Headhunter) in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/679

Sr. Account Director (via Headhunter) in Miami: https://siftly.com/jobs/674

Account Director at Golin in Los Angeles: https://siftly.com/jobs/673

Management Supervisor (via Headhunter) in Orange County, CA:vhttps://siftly.com/jobs/671

Account Director at Wunderman in Seattle: https://siftly.com/jobs/659

SVP Account Director at McCann Torre Lazur in NYC: https://siftly.com/jobs/653

Account Director at RP3 in Washington, D.C.: https://siftly.com/jobs/650