VP of Brand Marketing

About Poo~Pourri

In 2007, Suzy Bátiz created Poo~Pourri—a natural, effective solution to a universal problem: sh*t happens, and it stinks. Since then, Poo~Pourri has rapidly grown to become way more than just an odor eliminating product. Poo~Pourri has taken a shift—a shift in bathroom routine, a shift in how things “should” be done, a shift in company culture and customer service standards. We’re a company of fast-paced rule-breakers on a mission to find new paths to personal freedom. Our brand redefines how the world thinks—and talks—about taboos. Ignoring the status quo, our gutsy marketing and product innovations have won us many badass awards, including an Edison Award, Funniest Viral Video of the Year, and more. In a world full of rules, playing it safe, and “that can’t be done,” Poo~Pourri doesn’t subscribe to that crap. We dream differently. Want to come play with us? Keep reading…

About the Poosition

People say you should think outside the box. We reply, “what box?” Poo~Pourri has an award-winning marketing team and we are looking for our fearless leader; a progressive, rock star rebel that just so happens to be a marketing guru—a bonafide badass. Can you work in a room full of BIG THINKERS and put that creativity into ACTION?

Job Dooties

  • Leads the integrated marketing planning process, setting the strategy, and driving teams to execution
  • Drives the development and execution of advertising programs nationwide across several mediums (internet, TV, print, etc.)
  • Oversees the performance and management of primary channels, including online marketing, email, print & direct, social media, affiliates, partnerships & events, SEO, PR and content
  • Brings a combination of organizational management and disciplined leadership, strategic guidance, and build-out to all Poo~Pourri marketing channels
  • Leads research initiatives to understand brand resonance, consumer segmentation, and product definition/use cases
  • Increases core brand equity measures such as brand awareness, preference, and purchase across all prospective markets
  • Establishes marketing ROI / KPIs and increases metrics yearly
  • Provides stimulus for innovative solutions to business and media issues
  • Leads new business strategic planning initiatives
  • Oversees the delivery of weekly and monthly product updates and business analysis to management
  • Oversees the tracking, analysis and interpretation of the competitive landscape for sustainable brand advantage
  • Collaborates with product teams/business units to define and consistently position best branding
  • Ensures effective coordination between various business units such as sales, marketing, finance, etc. around common strategies in supporting and improving branding initiatives
  • Develops strategic marketing plans to accomodate corporate goals
  • Oversees product research and development
  • Manages the departmental budget, expenditures, and appropriations for research and development work

Qualifications/Required Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing or related field
  • 10-15 years marketing experience within the CPG industry
  • 10+ years of marketing supervisory experience
  • Master strategizer and executor
  • "Follow through enforcer" that loves to push projects to the finish line on time and on budget
  • Strikes the right balance between being detail-oriented enough to manage a small scrappy budget (well, scrappy compared to the big guys) with being strategic enough to ensure the Poo~Pourri brand gains world dominance in bathroom odor control
  • We believe in supersonic speed growth. Must be able to think fast on your feet at 200 miles an hour...while spinning 10 plates...AND while managing a whole team of plate spinners (think circus act)
  • Ability to inspire and lead a team of passionate creatives to do great things (if a shrine isn't built for you in the first year, then we have an issue)
  • Wildly intuitive—can sense a bad move a mile away. Intuition is a sense we cherish and honor—we've got guts and know how to listen to them!
  • We are super into self-development. If you're not doing this because you are totally jazzed about marketing, then you're not a fit and not in the right career. Leave now and find what lights you up...fast (the clock is ticking)
  • Positivity needs to be your go-to morning drink


  • Creative, high-energy work environment—sitting still is hard for us
  • Award-winning marketing and kickass products
  • Employee discounts on products (you’ll never have to smell your poop again… like ever)
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Healthy snacks available for when your stomach starts rumblin’
  • Bottomless lattes and sparkling water—if you aren’t obsessed with Topo Chico yet, you will be!
  • Massage chair and relaxation room, for when you need a breather
  • ...and of course endless Poo jokes!