Technical Lead - San Francisco

A Technical Lead at Ueno is responsible for a project’s successful technical execution, as well as helping us shape Ueno’s tech strategy in general. Working hands-on with their team of developers, they are at the table from day one, collaborating closely with designers, producers and clients throughout the course of a project.


You’re a tech gal. Or a tech guy. Whatever. A tech person. You’ve been around the block. You know how projects project, how code codes, how developers develop, how budgets budget, and how clients client. You know all the acronyms, the old ones and the new ones. Not much surprises you anymore.

Let’s face it, you’re kind of a big deal. But are you arrogant about it? On the contrary! Has it made you jaded? Don’t be silly. Do you still have that sparkle in your eye and that fire in your soul? Yes!

You’ve spent the last few years leading developers into battle at a creative agency, a startup, or a pirate ship. Maybe you’re even there now, reading these very words, wondering if they’re meant for you. (They are.)

Everybody loves you, obviously.

Why? Let’s see.

Developers love you because they can look to you for mentoring, quality assurance and good cheer. You trust them and they trust you. You may not always have all the answers, but you help figure things out. And your counterparts in our other offices love you because you’ve got their backs too.

Designers love you because you always dress in black.

Just kidding. Designers love you because you love them, frankly. You know how to mesh design and technology, and you love experimenting with the two. You make designers better at what they do, and you let them make you better at what you do, too,

Clients love you because you can relate to them. You’re quick to grasp the business problems they’re trying to solve. You’re a seasoned spotter and clearer of roadblocks, and a trusted bringer of solutions.

CEOs love you because you’re not shy about telling them when they’re wrong about something without making them feel bad.

And the rest of us?

We love you because you’re good and friendly human being who knows what you’re talking about, without being an asshole about it. And maybe because you let us win at Rocket League.

Technically speaking, you’re on first name terms with our tech stack. You can pitch it to clients, you can develop solutions with it alongside other developers, and you’re always looking for ways for us to improve it. But you’re not married to it either—you bring new ideas and technologies to the table, and expand our team’s horizons.

Prefer bullet points?

  • Experience. You’ve seen things. You’ve been around. Tech is your thing. You know where the puck is, and where it's going next.
  • Team. You work well with people. You lead and mentor, and generally help your team get better at what they do.
  • Clients. They get you, you get them. You work with them, listen to their problems and offer them solutions.
  • Projects. You make sure the watches are synchonized, the wheels are greased, and that everything runs smoothly. You may be a punk but you're always on time.

Our current tech stack, for your reference as you ponder all this

  • React, React Native
  • Redux, mobx, mobx-state-tree or other state management libraries
  • TypeScript, flow or know the principle of typed languages
  • Jest, enzyme or other testing libraries
  • CSS and pre/post processors like SASS and PostCSS, BEM
  • Extra points: Prismic, contentful or other headless CMSs.
  • Extra points: GitHub, Heroku, AWS, AppCenter
  • Extra points: detox, ObjC/Swift, Java/Kotlin

So. What do you think? Sounds like you? Apply here.