Creative Director - San Francisco

Creative Directors are directly responsible for the successful outcome of the projects they oversee. They lead and mentor a team of designers, and work directly and closely with our clients.


“Creative Director.” It sounds good, doesn’t it? (Probably because it has the words “creative” and “director” in it.) But what does it mean?

For Ueno, a Creative Director means more or less this:

  • You’re a very good designer. (But you’re not an asshole about it.)

  • Your currency is ideas. Without them we’re just making wallpaper.

  • You’re a beloved leader of designers and interns. You attract fantastic people and inspire them to do the best work of their careers.

  • You love working with clients, and clients love you right back.

  • You can take what is sometimes only an imperceptible hint of an idea, and with your team nudge and wrench it into beautiful existence.

  • You’ve got a grasp on the technology your designs are built on, and you work well with the developers and producers who make it happen.

  • You’ve spent at least seven happy years at an agency, a startup, a pirate ship, or a similar organization.

  • You know all about design and the tools to make design, but you get that design is really about people.

  • You understand our company culture and values, and you help us maintain them. But you’re also not afraid to let our CEO know when he’s being an idiot.

  • You help your colleagues grow and become better versions of themselves.

  • You’re a punk who always shows up on time.

Does this sound like you? Apply here.