Project Management Director

Title:                Project Management Director (PMD)                     Status: Full time

Reports to:      VP, Director of Client Engagement                       Direct Reports: Project Managers (PMs)

Summary of Role

The PMD proactively leads the team of PMs in passionately meeting clients’ needs on time and on budget while managing agency resources to achieve the best workflow and greatest efficiencies. With the PMD’s oversight, all clients are assured of timelines that will meet their needs throughout the work-development process, and WW staff members are assured of sufficient time and resources to deliver the highest-quality work.

The PMD serves as a role model for successfully engaging with individuals and teams throughout the Discovery, Ideation and Activation phases of the Wray Ward workflow process. The PMD leads and inspires PMs to thoughtfully and efficiently utilize industry and agency best practices and tools to bring client work to successful completion.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities as Project Management Director (PMD)

  • Lead, manage and guide the Project Management (PM) team, providing clear, actionable direction and timely feedback
  • Support the Wray Ward workflow, streamlining best practices for client work and internal agency brand projects
  • Identify best practices and continually develop standards, processes, templates and tools for projecting work scope and schedules for completing client work
  • Assist with ongoing forecast reporting, capturing opportunities and changes for accurate and timely reporting
  • Ensure that proper forecasting tools — pricing, budgetary and resourcing — are employed for all client deliverables, working with the Creative Production & Resource Director to determine creative resources
  • Monitor PMs’ adherence to project approvals, scheduling, resourcing and budget management, including timely and accurate billing
  • Help recruit and hire PM staff, working closely with the Director of Client Engagement (DCE)
  • Manage training for new hires, including AQUA training
  • Provide ongoing training for the PM team, including training on AQUA updates, agency tools, templates and workflow
  • Identify and support opportunities for professional development of the PM team and individual members
  • Oversee PMs’ close alignment with Account Leads (ALs), ensuring the strategic goals of the brand/client are met
  • Seek opportunities to promote stronger communication, collaboration, efficient delivery mechanisms and accountability
  • Develop and monitor Scopes of Work (SOWs), Work Orders and production/OOP estimates and work closely with PMs in managing client budgets
  • Track and report Client Engagement (CE) team resource utilization rates, and analyze findings with the DCE
  • Coordinate with the Production team throughout the workflow process
  • Assist with the weekly active client status report
  • Actively participate in all necessary agency and client status meetings
  • Assist with accounts receivable monitoring when necessary
  • Work as a liaison/communications hub between all CE team members
  • Set up and run all necessary CE and PM team meetings

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Exemplify the discipline of project management and serve as a mentor for each PM
  • Be a team builder and team player, inspiring trust and teamwork among the PM team
  • Proactively provide coaching and guidance to each PM
  • Inspire a contagious passion for always doing the best work
  • Model a conscientious, straightforward and dedicated work ethic — talk the talk and walk the walk
  • Respect all equally — internally and externally
  • Passionately uphold the agency brand, culture and values
  • Collaborate among multiple departments effectively and efficiently
  • Be accountable for meeting goals and expectations

Communication Skills

As the motivating leader of PMs, the PMD will:

  • Communicate in a clear, coherent and professional manner
  • Have clear and candid communication with direct reports, motivating positive changes and professional development as needed
  • Listen well and solve problems to achieve the most effective outcome for the team, the agency and the client


  • 10+ years of agency experience in managing projects
  • Proven success in managing workflow
  • Proven success in managing and completing client projects on time and on budget with client acceptance
  • Proven success in managing and growing talent

This job description serves as an overall summary of responsibilities for the position outlined. Please note: specific expectations associated with the position are subject to change.


Culture Alignment

At Wray Ward, we firmly believe that internal and client relationships are key to our success. Certain attitudes define how we work and are important in what we seek for our culture and mission. Our key agency attitudes are:


  • WE, NOT ME — We check our egos at the door. As a result, we thrive in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diverse professionals and invites everyone to contribute their best.


  • ASK “WHAT IF?” — Always going beyond what is and considering what could be, we create unexpected possibilities that differentiate our brands and accelerate their success.


  • BE FEARLESS — Creativity demands that we hold nothing back. So we mutually support each other in speaking up, taking risks and courageously contributing audacious, unedited, unconventional ideas. 


  • NAIL IT — Everything we do is about results. We not only achieve our clients’ goals, but also continually exceed their expectations. Every person here shares individual responsibility for their own, our agency’s and our clients’ success. 


Our Mission

Day in and day out, we will passionately create the most innovative, engaging and effective work in the home category — we will live it, we will breathe it and we will own it