Managing Editor

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Job Description
As the Managing Editor (M.E.) in one of the hottest markets in
the country, you will be the newsroom's chief operating officer,
overseeing and ensuring the smooth and orderly flow of content from
conception to publishing on all platforms. As the newsroom's most
hands-on manager and coach of reporters, the M.E. is charged with
bringing ideas, inspiration, and constant guidance to the content
team. Reporting directly to the Editor-In-Chief (EIC), the M.E.
actively oversees and directs the deployment of resources across
the many publishing platforms - online, mobile, email, print,
social, etc. - hour by hour, minute by minute.
The M.E. is charged with guiding the constant programming
efforts of the content team, and as such, must possess a solid news
sense, an ability to make snap judgments about the proper treatment
of stories, and a high level of confidence in orchestrating the
many simultaneous actions of the editorial team members.

Organization must be a strength, as the M.E. is responsible for the
efficiency of the news gathering and news production operation. The
M.E. must always be asking how the operation can run more smoothly
and productively. The M.E. also is expected to serve as a change
agent in the newsroom, actively advocating for the improvements and
resources that take the Business Journal's content to the next

The M.E. must run the newsroom always with audience growth and
connection in mind. Relationships with sources, and outreach into
the community, is desirable. The M.E. also serves as chief mentor
for reporters, helping pave their way to continual improvement,
learning, and growth; all reporters must be managed toward
excellence. Communication skills are critical for the M.E., who is
highly influential in setting newsroom standards, mood,
expectations, and culture.
? Daily, and preferably, weekly print experience for a business
news operation
? Beat reporter experience
? Strong wordsmith who has demonstrated a talent for reporting and
story development
? Serves as inspiring, motivational force in newsroom
? Hands-on experience in guiding and contributing to large-scale
editorial projects
? Exposure to online environment and social media; blogging and
online reporting a plus.
Minimum of 3 to 5 years of management and/or team leadership
experience required.
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience; Minimum of 3 to 5
years of management and/or team leadership experience.