Senior Digital Marketing and Social Media Designer

<p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;ldquo;Once upon a time, there was a _(noun)_ called _(Your Name)_, who dreamt of using their magical power to _(verb)_ to improve the world. After _(number)_ years of hard work and _(adjective)_ ideas, they achieved a kind of _(end state)_ beyond anyone&amp;amp;amp;rsquo;s imagination.&amp;amp;amp;rdquo;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;We admit it. We&amp;amp;amp;rsquo;re addicted to storytelling, and we use every chance we get (including this one) to transform an idea into a creative and memorable experience.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;But unlike some other firms, Reingold leaves space for our creative team members to fill in blanks with their own perspective &amp;amp;amp;mdash; all to benefit good causes in health care, education, veterans affairs, and more. Now if only our magic powers could make deadlines disappear &amp;amp;amp;hellip;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;If your hero story involves using your creative superpowers for the forces of good, our team of passionate, zany, and overly caffeinated designers is eager to connect with you.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;strong&amp;amp;gt;About the Role:&amp;amp;lt;/strong&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Reingold is hiring an early-career (2+ years) graphic designer to join our growing team of communications strategists and creative specialists. In this role, you will translate requests from our nonprofit, government, and business clients into compelling visual narratives that drive audience action online and elsewhere.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Here&amp;amp;amp;rsquo;s what you can expect in your day to day:&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;ul&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Dreaming up brilliant and effective ideas that bring life to communications campaigns&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Distilling research and background into actionable insights for design executions&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Applying and building your technical expertise in visual design and art&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Preparing production files for digital and print media&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Using active listening to incorporate feedback on design concepts&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Taking direction from more senior graphic designers&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Collaborating with just about everyone, including social media, video, web, and marketing staff&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;/ul&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;This role is a good fit for someone with the following qualifications and skills:&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;ul&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;At least 2 &amp;amp;amp;ndash; 5 years of graphic design experience in branding and marketing settings&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Avid sketcher and capable illustrator&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Skill with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Acrobat)&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Portfolio of diverse digital and print design work&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Proven strength in typography, layout, and iterating on a theme&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Innate tendencies to solve problems creatively, take initiative, and spread positivity&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Exceptional eye for detail, but a brain for big ideas&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Excellent written and verbal communications skills (and we mean excellent)&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;The ability to obtain a top-secret security clearance for government contracts&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Bachelor&amp;amp;amp;rsquo;s degree or equivalent professional experience in the field&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Bonus points to those who know HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, video editing software, animation, and Section 508 compliance&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;/ul&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;This role is based in our Alexandria office but will require occasional travel (about once a quarter).&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Reingold is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt;&lt;/p&gt;</p>