Advertising Sales Director

The Advertising Sales Director responsibilities are to (1) sell all advertising (2) sell all events (3) grow/sell memberships (4) meet all established sales and production deadlines. The following are general responsibilities for this position. Duties can change at the request of the Executive Officer. - Advertising/Sponsorships ? Magazine / Internet Advertising - Contact all new members and non-advertising members for sales purposes - Contact all advertising members to renew advertising contract - Research competitors to ensure competitiveness of LAA products - Prepare all contracts for magazine and internet advertising ? Events/Sponsorship Packages - Contact all members for sales purposes - Prepare all contracts for Events/Sponsorship Packages, as needed - Events include all special events, education, meetings, budgeted to have income ? Membership Directory - Contact all product service members for sales purposes - Assist in verifying member ad/listing information Membership ? Initial contact for potential new members ? Contact potential Owners, Management Companies, Properties and Product Service Vendors for membership ? Maintain contact with members, work to educate them on opportunities to grow their business, advertise more and benefits of membership Meetings ? Attend all committee meetings ? Attend all staff meetings Category: Sales , Keywords: Advertising Sales Director