Assistant Managing Editor

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Job Description
The Assistant Managing Editor (AME) works in concert with the
Managing Editor, overseeing and ensuring the smooth and orderly
flow of content from conception to publishing on all

The AME must possess a solid news sense for a business journal, an
ability to make snap judgments about the proper treatment of
stories, and a high level of confidence in orchestrating the many
simultaneous actions of the newsroom. As a member of the office of
the editor (comprised of the Editor-In-Chief, ME and AME), the AME
will help ensure audience growth and reporters' professional

In addition to coaching reporters and managing their work, the AME
is expected to serve as a backup reporter able to quickly turn
around breaking news and augment beat reporters' work with
well-sourced, enterprising stories.

The AME also may serve, at the direction of the Managing Editor, as
the editorial department's liaison with other departments in
matters that pertain to awards publications, events, and other
cross-departmental activities.
?You'll be on the front line with reporters - usually touching
reporter copy first, refining it, then kicking it to either the
Managing Editor or Editor In Chief
?Assist with the development and management of breaking-news
articles; ensure deadlines met
?Fill in as our fourth reporter, tackling press-release news as
well as enterprising work on the level of a beat reporter
? Track metrics and measure engagement with an eye towards constant
?Routinely determine story treatment and placement in print and
daily news emails
?Assist reporters with the creation of their weekly print section,
then write headlines, subheads, cutlines, etc.
?Manage about four special publications annually, some of which
rely on freelanced work
?Manage the ABJ's social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Instagram)
?Manage the ABJ homepage at least twice daily, ensuring stories are
receiving proper treatment and breaking-news bars are used
?Manage ABJ's researcher and the weekly list
?In coordination with other editors, manage cover stories produced
by beat reporters
?Grow audience - constantly and relentlessly
?Regularly participate in and attend Business Journal sponsored
?Take on any other assignment made by manager(s)
?Work cooperatively and collaboratively with all colleagues and
?Familiarity with AP Style

?Creative planning skills

?Solid news judgment

?Experience with management of editorial projects

?Stickler for detail - especially when copyediting

?Exposure to online environment and social media
Minimum of 4 years in a newsroom, preferably with beat-reporter
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience