Senior Digital Marketing Manager

We are looking for a digital marketing genius to join BOLD Worldwide. Must be world-class in digital marketing, Facebook advertising, Ecomm & content marketing.

You will help lead and grow our digital marketing team as well as strategize and execute paid marketing campaigns.


  • Develop & implement strategies for digital marketing campaigns (FB, PPC, Remarketing, Content, etc.)
  • Present new strategies and opportunities to Clients
  • Oversee and manage digital team and execution of campaigns
  • Develop key metrics for each client and campaign and setup analytics and measurement around KPIs
  • Work with analysts to measure key metrics and optimize campaigns 
  • Report results and findings to Clients
  • Work with creative team to develop and refresh creative assets
  • Track and manage paid media spend across multiple clients and multiple campaigns


  • Be able to develop and pitch digital and social marketing strategies
  • Be an expert in Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Landing Page Development, Various Analytics Platforms and Complex Attribution Modeling
  • Be able to oversee a junior team of digital marketers, creatives and analysts
  • Be able to get your hands dirty by deploying and optimizing campaigns in Facebook, AdWords, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.