We’re looking for a copywriter who can understand us, our mission; the world we explore; and the transformative experiences we offer—and who can really really write. Let’s underscore that: who can really really write. We can teach you the nuances of our brand, but you have to come loaded with a genuine ability to express thoughts engagingly, and to craft sentences that matter. You have to care about the distinctions; and be both succinct and specific enough to ignite a spark in your readers. Move us and our loyal/prospective guests with creativity, intelligence and eloquence—in both print and digital. It’s not a small or easy task, but it’s a fun and rewarding one. If you think you’re up for it, read on.

What you’ll do:

There’s a definite “day to day” aspect to your job—managing Daily Expedition Reports, creating web content, crafting weekly emails, writing brochure copy and more. But, because we pride ourselves on being nimble, we’re a hyper-reactive organization, capitalizing on opportunities and solving problems in real time, so every day is potentially a new challenge and a new chance to make brilliant, motivating creative.

Who you are:

You have an excellent work ethic and an exacting attention to detail, whether it’s punctuating your copy, answering a brief, or staying true to the brand’s tone and style. You thrive on collaborating with your team members – creative director, art directors, marketing managers, production manager, program managers, and expedition staff—to consistently deliver smart, polished, cross‑channel perfection.

You’re not only exceptionally qualified, you’re a delight to work with—you have energy, a sense of humor and an open & curious mind. You love words and culture, both the good old stuff and the trending new stuff. You’re straightforward, candid and, above all, thoughtful & kind.

You have:

 A four‑year degree (preferably in English, journalism, or an equally relevant field) and two to four years of stellar work experience in an in-house, advertising, or interactive agency.