Creative Director & Strategist

Do you believe that every ad, every video, every piece of marketing must drive actual business results?

Do you care more a "thank you" from a happy client then a "thank you" from the academy?

Have you worked for a large agency and wished you could get rid of the red tape and politics and roll up your sleeves and just do what really needed to be done?

YES? Then keep reading...

BOLD is looking for a Creative Director who also fancies themselves as a strategist at heart. Someone who digs into a client's business model, finds places for improvement, deciphers a clear and tangible goal and then develops a strategy on how to tell a powerful story that accomplishes that goal. Someone who is a leader but also isn't afraid to jump in and do some heavy lifting.

But first, let's be real. We're not owned by a holdings company, we don't have a Foosball table, we don't have a private jet (yet) and our pencils are made of wood and graphite – the aren't golden (yet).

We are a fast-growing agency full of passion. A team of people who have worked super hard to get where we are. People who will roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs to be done. A company that was started by one (crazy) founder who always believed there was a better way. We are hungry. We have MASSIVE ambitions. We know we have what it take to be one of the greats. And we know that we must add more great people to the team that can help make it happen.

We're not the traditional kind of agency and we know it takes a specific kind of person to fit this role. If this messages has resonated with you then we definitely want to connect.


  • 5+ years experience in an agency creative director or similar role
  • Ability to lead and manage a team
  • Strategy first (not just marketing strategy, business strategy)
  • Creative brilliance, but always backed by results
  • Ability to interpret business and marketing data
  • Strong ability to craft a vision and a plan and persuade the client by it
  • Ability to write, art direct and creative direct various portions of a project
  • Manage many clients and projectssimultaneously
  • A master thought leader in the world of business and marketing
  • Have a strong point of view but never be stuck in your ways
  • Help build a creative team and department over time
  • Understand the goals and perspective of the agency and manifest that in everything we do
  • Over promise and over deliver for every client
  • Never be too good to get your hands dirty
  • Never be too impatient to teach someone how to do the same
  • Help BOLD elevate it's creative executions, strategies and growth
  • Must know how to tell a powerful story
  • Must understand the digital and social landscape and the impact creative has on it
  • Must understand business objectives and how to use creative to meet suchobjectives
  • Must be scrappy
  • Job will be full-time in our New York office. Salary is dependent on experience. Please fill out the form on our site.