Digital Designer - Video, Motion Graphics

The Interactive Art Director is focused on delivering digital solutions for a diverse range of marketing and integrated communications needs, across multiple defined lines of business. He/she must be able to understand a target audience's needs and other motivating factors and translate them into concepts for compelling interactions and experiences. Participates in all activities related to the development of digital solutions, including collaboration with both online and offline areas of the in-house agency.


  • Develop and implement unique, creative and innovative concepts and design strategies across the full spectrum the rich interactive media environment
  • Execute new concepts and strategies (including storyboards), or repurpose, rework, revise existing content when appropriate and necessary
  • Present creative concepts and sell direction to the in-house agency creative management
  • Define needs for photos and other art and research images
  • Establish job specifications to conform to project scope and budget parameters
  • Execute all phases of the project lifecycle
  • Maintain job folders and documentation per established in-house agency processes
  • Work closely with both online and offline areas within the agency to ensure consistency of branding and messaging
  • Help set direction for client meetings
  • Develop and maintain a solid relationship with technology, architecture, ecomm and other work groups whose activities intersect with multimedia creative
  • Collaborate with art buying and partner agencies


  • Demonstrated ability to understand and interpret brand/LOB needs, and to develop innovative, creative and results-oriented rich media solutions to address those needs
  • Strong understanding of the process of concept development, copywriting and storyboarding for presentations
  • Proficiency in a broad scope of multimedia applications, strong technical skills, and the ability to conceptualize with writers and clients to produce powerful creative solutions in a financial services environment.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with tech support, executive management, creative supervisors, etc.

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