Here Are the Podcasts That Influencers Turn to for Inspiration

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Mar 20, 2017

Mar 20, 2017 • Author: Ad Age Staff

With a wealth of insight on every topic imaginable, podcasts are becoming almost as popular as music as a source for inspiration. We asked some adland decision-makers to share their top podcast picks for helping to foster creativity.

Britt Dougherty, VP-Consumer Insights and Engagement, MillerCoors

NPR's "How I Built This." I'm always looking for things that help me build up my energy reserves. When the earphones come off, I always feel inspired and ready to take on the world.

Christy Kranik, Partner and Chief Client Officer, LatinWorks

I enjoy "TED Talks" (as I'm sure most marketers do), but I also like "The Psychology Podcast" by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman. I'm always intrigued and interested in gaining more insights into the mind, behavior and creativity.

Rosemary Abendroth, Maker of Brand Reputation, Movement

I am an NPR addict, and of all the great podcasts out there, the one I listen to weekly is "TED Radio Hour," a co-production of TED and NPR. It covers an array of topics, speakers, ideas and inventions from the talks, but goes deeper. No matter how obscure the topic, by the end of it, I am inspired to keep searching for new ways to think and create.

Jarek Carethers, Exec Creative Director, WPP

"The Creative Pep Talk" is just a great place for inspiration, and to give me some new perspectives on how to approach creative problems. Another one that is pretty well known, but is a great example on how to lay down a story, is "Revisionist History." I also like to listen to "Code Switch." Educating myself on culture, for me, is just as important tool as design or copywriting in terms of telling relevant, impactful stories.

Ryan Reis, Senior Director of Marketing, MillerCoors

Like the namesake books, "Freakonomics" explores the "hidden side of everything" and helps me to see underneath what we observe in people's behavior to the surprising underlying causes. It's a great reminder that things are not always as they appear. As a marketer, I know that to change behavior, I need to address the underlying truths.

Paul Jordan, Exec Creative Director, McGarry Bowen

Malcolm Gladwell's "Revisionist History" revisits and retells stories from recent history. Even though they are not always technically revisionist histories, they are incredibly fascinating nonetheless. His three-parter on education and social mobility in America is unmissable.

Amanda Malko, Chief Marketing Officer, Tongal

I always find "The Moth" a great inspiration for storytelling. It's a great listen for any copywriter or brand storyteller. And "Left Right & Center" is the latest one I've been listening to. Given the clear "bubble" that anyone living on a coast (or likely working in advertising) lives in, it's a good way to get diverse viewpoints and perspectives on the politics of the day.

Tony Dieste, Chairman, Dieste

Gary Vaynerchuk's "Gary Vee Audio Experience" is a rapid-fire Q&A-style podcast that's fueled by listener and reader inquiries and packed with insights. He's all over the place but that's what makes the show so interesting. It's diverse, covering business, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship and more. Also, "Six Pixels of Separation" by Mitch Joel is awesome. Mitch has great guests and community who call in with fun ideas, questions and engaging commentary. The show is direct and informative and they do media hacks which are fun too.

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