Three Big Benefits of In-Person Networking

Written by
Alex Maddalena

Sep 29, 2016

Sep 29, 2016 • Author: Alex Maddalena

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Social media and technology have without a doubt revolutionized the networking landscape. But that doesn't mean networking events are a thing of the past. The benefits of networking go further than building up your Rolodex. Face-to-face meetings are still an essential part of doing business, and the benefits of doing it right, as shown in this infographic, are undeniable:

1. Improve communication

Not convinced? Let the data do the talking. According to a Forbes study, 77% of business executives say they prefer in-person meetings to read nonverbal communication cues—meaning if you don't meet people in person, your message may not be fully coming across. This is why 95% say that in-person meetings are essential for any long-term business relationship. So if you are looking to strike a big business deal or meet with potential prospects, an in-person meeting is still the best way to get your pitch across.

2. Build better teams

Recruitment is a sure-fire way to grow your business by building a successful and cohesive team. Attending networking events allows for in-person meetings with potential candidates, which is an effective way to recruit. Sure, one can hop on LinkedIn or Jobvite to see who's hiring, but they won't really know if it's a good fit until they meet the people and experience the culture of the company they want to join. By having a presence at networking events, you can share your company's culture and values with a group of potential hires.

3. Demonstrate your value

Attending networking events and industry conferences are valuable opportunities to demonstrate your value proposition in person. If you're there to get leads or meet prospects, there's no better way to make your pitch than through casual conversation. It's one thing to read about a company's offering, and it's another to actually engage with it in person—whether that be through product demos or simply voicing what your company is all about. Hopefully, you are now convinced that getting out there and networking is well worth your time. If you need to brush up on your networking skills, such as the ins and outs of networking and figuring out how to get your brand looking its best, this free infographic can help.

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